Prepare Your Home to Sell: Pre-inspections for Sellers

Most Sellers know to pay attention to the curb appeal, the cleanliness and the depersonalizing of the home. But few Sellers think about the things not seen. A pre-inspection of the home, pre-inspection for termites and the heating/air systems are as important as the staging of a home as you prepare your home to sell.

  • These inspections will put the odds in the Seller’s favor to find any potential problem or issue that might have later caused the Buyer to cancel the contract of sale during the Due Diligence Period (usually the first 10 business days of contract, check the Contract of Sale for terms).

  • Pre-inspections allow the Seller time to remedy any problem found. The Seller will be about to determine the time table and choice of repairmen in correcting the problem. Once a buyer is involved, the buyer will most always have an opinion about how things are done and by whom.

  • Pre-inspections reveal any repairs needed before the sales price is negotiated with a buyer. This saves costly surprises, empowering the Seller with knowledge and preparation.

  • Prior to an offer, the Seller can share the pre-inspections of the home with the buyer certifying the home’s good repair. This draws in higher offers and gives the Seller a stronger negotiation power.

  • As you prepare your home to sell having the pre-inspections result in a sale at the highest value and shortest time frame. Buyers are not only naturally drawn to the homes that are in the best condition but are also are more willing to pay a higher price.

  • Furthermore, having the pre-inspections on your home as you prepare to sell will help de-stress the process throughout. It will take away the unknown and enable the Seller to have more control of the process.

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