5 Steps to Prepare Your Home to Sell

There are several things you need to think about as you prepare your home to sell. These five step will help your home sell faster, for more money, and less stress throughout the process.

1. Prepare your home in condition. Now is the time to fix the leaky pipes, dripping faucet, broken window or rotted wood. Doing a Pre-Inspection on your home will identify deficiencies a potential buyer will see while viewing the home or during their home inspection. Work through the list diligently as buyers expect the home to be free of structural issues. If the items in your home, such as flooring or paint is tired and worn, now is the time to make those fresh and inviting. Do research and get advice on the current trends for paint color and decor.

2. Prepare your home through staging. Now is the time to appeal to the buyers through depersonalizing, pre-packing and arranging the furniture to highlight the features of your home and minimize the distractions. The first showing of your home is on-line, and pictures are unforgiving when there is too much to process in the mind’s eye.

3. Prepare your home through cleaning. Now is the time to make your home sparkle inside and out! Clean the fans, light fixtures, baseboards, freshen the yard beds with mulch, remove dead plants and trim the rest. Also, buyers will have pets but are easily negatively affected by seller’s pets. If other arrangements can be made for the pets during the showing times is best but if not, remove or minimize their presence.

4. Prepare your home with the necessary disclosures. Each state has different requirements, research and give yourself plenty of time to complete these forms. Time on your side will allow the opportunity to pull records of repairs or upgrades. I also advise the sellers to complete a Home Feature Sheet – all the great things about your home, the improvements, neighborhood or area highlights – the things that buyers might not know by a simple visit to your home.

5. Prepare your home to sell by selecting the right Realtor. Now is the time to get the best professional to help you. Ask these questions:

– Are you simply a real estate agent or a Realtor? Being a “Realtor” is being part of the association of real estate professionals that are governed by a higher standard of ethics and professionalism.

– How long have you been in business, are you full or part-time?

– How many homes have you sold?

– What is the average number of days your listings are on the market before selling?

– What are your numbers “sales price” vs. “asking price”?

– Is staging help included in your services?

– Do you have a team of professionals to help me through each step of the selling process?

– How many internet sites will my home be on?

– What is your policy of responding to phone calls/emails/text messages?

-How much of your business is generated from referrals or repeat clients?

– What references can you provide?

Selling your home can be one a stressful time. But if you have a proven plan to follow and use the right professionals to help guide you through the maze of selling, it can be an exciting and rewarding experience. The goals are simple: selling your home at the highest value, at the right time and with the least hassle.

The Carolina Girls of Real Estate, with Keller Williams, can help you sell your home in the Greater Columbia, SC!